Courtesy Bus


The courtesy bus service is temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. We apologies for any inconvenience.

The Band Club is pleased to offer a courtesy bus service for our valued members.
Please take note of the following conditions for using our Courtesy Bus:

  • Please be advised the final run for each evening will run in BOTH directions, however, SOUTHERN SIDE will be taken first.
  • To book the courtesy bus please call 10 minutes prior to the bus departure time.
  • Please be ready to go when the bus driver arrives to pick you up.
  • If you book the service and your circumstances change, please advise the club ASAP. Failure to do so may disqualify you from using the service.
  • The courtesy bus is restricted to members ONLY and who have immediately patronised the club.
  • Members must redeem tickets from reception at least 5 minutes prior to the bus departing the club. No ticket will result in a decline for entry.
  • A maximum of 13 passengers are permitted on the bus at any one time.


Courtesy Bus Timetable

Northern Area Service

(Cambridge Park, Werrington, Emerton, Oxley Park, Lethbridge Park, Mt Druitt, North St Marys, Tregear & Whalan)

Tuesday – NO SERVICE
Wednesday – 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 10pm | 11pm
Thursday – 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 11pm | 12am
Friday – 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 11pm | 1am
Saturday – 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 11pm | 1am
Sunday – 1pm | 3pm | 5pm | 7pm | 9pm | 10pm

Southern Area Service

(Colyton, St Clair, Kingswood, Claremont Meadows and South St Marys)

Tuesday – NO SERVICE
Wednesday – 4pm | 6pm | 8pm | 10pm | 11pm
Thursday – 4pm | 6pm | 8pm | 10pm | 12am
Friday – 4pm | 6pm | 8pm | 10pm |12am | 1am
Saturday – 12pm | 2pm | 4pm | 6pm | 8pm | 10pm | 12am | 1am
Sunday – 2pm | 4pm | 6pm | 8pm |10pm

Timetable is subject to change at any time. Please check at reception for any recent changes.