St Marys Diggers & Band Club have identified an opportunity to unlock the full
potential of our prime real estate location and land holdings at
411 Great Western Highway, St Marys.
We are excited to embark on this journey and have asked external consultants,
Suburbanite, to review and provide their insights on the highest and best use for the
Clubs land assets.
The Board would like to consider a range of options to:
Optimise our land holdings;
Provide physical and financial benefits for St Marys Diggers & Band Club and
its members;
Foster diverse revenue streams that not only benefit St Marys Diggers & Band
Club but positively contribute to the community we are a part of.
To explore these options, the Club will be holding two information sessions. The
objective of the information sessions is to engage with our members on their
thoughts for uses for the land – and with the expertise of Suburbanite – identify and
implement strategies that unlock the full potential of our land.
Representatives from Suburbanite will be attending the information sessions to
present their insights and look forward to answering your questions.
We encourage you to send through any questions to nerrida@suburbanite.com.au by
Tuesday 16th July, 2024, so we can ensure they are addressed during the sessions.

We welcome members to join us on
Thursday 18th July, 2024 at St Marys
Band Club – 411 Great Western
Highway, St Marys. The sessions will
be held at 4pm and 6pm.